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Connect securely from the comfort of your own home  Contact me directly for Private Lesson details.

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Hatha Yoga


Balance Strength with Ease

An exploration in to somatics, asana, action, and movement to stabilize, mobilize, meditate, and breathe!


Strength & Conditioning


Explore Layers of Strength

Progressive strengthening for overall health, drawing from different modalities - including yoga, pilates, barre, FRC, and more!  All levels.


Yoga Flow


Move with Breath Awareness

Postures and breath linked.  Strength is explored creatively as well as through traditional asana.  Meditation and pranayama included.



How Does It Work?

Follow the steps below to connect and start practicing from home. 
To book a private lesson or if you have any questions, please email me.

How do I connect?

1.  Create a free account at

2.  Email me at for class link and password.

3.  Click on the link that I will email to you for our class.  Sign in will open 10 minutes before classes begin.

4.  Enjoy!  (you can even wear pajamas, but be prepared to share your mat with your furry friends or kids)

How do I pay?

  • The first class is free to try out.  After that, it's $11 per class (incl.GST)

  • Payments can be e-transferred directly to

  • Contact me if you'd prefer to arrange another method of payment.

Tips for a happy home practice:

  • Designate an area as your habitual practice space.  It's helpful to find somewhere quiet, but if that's not possible, get used to the sounds of the space and expect distraction - practice letting go of control.

  • Try not to eat right before practice.  Hydrate.

  • Switch your devices to airplane mode for the short time you're practicing; if you feel more comfortable, tell people that they won't be able to reach you for an hour or so.  Whatever is needed will be there after practice.​

  • If you can, arrive on your mat a few minutes early to sit or to lie down.  It can take a moment to hit the pause button on our minds and bodies.​

  • Establish a routine - whether it's an online class, self-practice, meditation, or a few sun salutations.  It becomes a familiar part of your week and integral to your self care... like brushing your teeth!

Mt. Doug Beach, Saanich

pictured:  Mt. Doug Beach

Viktor Frankl

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

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