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Study Privately

I specialize in adapting and evolving the practice to individual needs and personal objectives. 

Private lessons allow us to target your practice to make it the most effective and efficient possible.

Contact me for info on Corporate Classes either online or at your office.

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Why Choose Private Lessons?

Working together toward wellness

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Fine Tune Your Practice

  • Break Down Difficult Postures

  • Alignment Inquiry

  • Deepen Your Existing Practice

  • Meditation or Subtle Body Work

Adapt for Individual Needs

  • Injury Recovery

  • Modifications for Illness

  • How to Use Props

  • How to Apply Modifications in Group Classes with Ease

Start a Yoga Practice

  • Understand the Basics

  • Get to Know Your Needs

  • Personalized Practice

Health Coaching

  • Guidance & Accountability

  • Personalized Plan

  • Progressive Strength Building

Price List 
(gst included)

Please contact me for details on packaged rates and discounted group lessons for private students.

We connect online for class via Zoom or Facetime. 
You have the option of using a class recording for one week after the session. 
You may wish to meet in your home or at a nearby park instead.

One Student

$80/hr via Zoom

$90/hr in your home

One to One - highly personalized lesson

Two Students

$90/hr via Zoom

$95/hr in your home

Two Students - I encourage you to practice with your partner, friend, or relative!

Three to Four Students

$95/hr via Zoom

$105/hr in your home

Three to Four Students - Family or a small group practicing together


"What is love?  Love is the absence of judgement"

Dalai Lama

pictured:  Arbutus Cove

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