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My Approach

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After 20 years of studying yoga, I'm still digging deep into its lessons... that research and experience is reflected in how I teach and work to make each student's practice an individual experience.


In class, I love to experiment with movement actions and muscle conditioning to better understand the play between mobilization and stabilization.  We use traditional asana, but we also work with tools to increase safe and strong ranges of motion within those shapes and to unlock actions in the body.  Sometimes that means using the wall, props, or isometric contraction for feedback.  I encourage challenge when it's needed and rest when it's called for.  We work together to develop awareness and self empowerment, allowing us to step into the natural alignment of the day.  Through breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness, we round out the practice toward overall wellness. 

I've had some amazing teachers in my life - from India to North America.  Their lessons run through me and are distilled into the way I teach today, with the students' own experience being the truest guide.  It thrills me to be a continued part of a student's journey into wellness, to watch and to assist in the development of confidence, strength, ease, and freedom.  

Calling Vancouver Island home has given me the opportunity to sink into supportive community and connect to amazing people.  I'm grateful to be settled here with my husband, son (my greatest teacher!), dog, and cat.  If I'm not immersed in mom life or yoga, I'm most likely outside hiking, kayaking, or just watching the ocean.

In practicing meditation, we're not trying to live up to some kind of ideal - quite the opposite.  We're just being with our experience.  Whatever it is.

Pema Chodron

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